All the details of the tour below can be customised to suit, with this information really being meant as a very rough guide only. There is so much to cover that it would be impossible to note it all down here, with each trip being individually tailored to fit your available time, bike preference and any other requirements you might have.

Be advised though, Australia is not a small country! It’s the sixth largest country on the planet in fact, so if you’re planning on exploring much of it you’d best ensure you’ve booked enough time off work!

As a rough estimate we’d advise at least 45 days if you want to undertake a half continent tour. For the full continent experience, you’re going to want at least two months, more is always better of course but no matter how much time you have, we can help make sure you get the most out of your time in this amazing country.








Here’s a basic outline of the sort of things you might want to include, assuming you’re starting from Sydney and want to ride a half continent tour. This is just an example remember, we’re just throwing ideas around. It’s all customisable.

You’ll start with the lovely coastline south of Sydney and then turn west into the tightly twisting roads of the Snowy Mountains and Alps.

Through the mountains and into the Victoria Highlands before arriving in Melbourne, then set off along the stunning Great Ocean Road before meeting the wildlife and marvelling at the views in the Grampians National Park.

Next stop is Adelaide before riding north into the amazing outback scenery of the Flinders Ranges. From here you continue north through the outback to the desert opal fields and underground homes of Coober Pedy.

Ayers Rock [Uluru] and Kata Tjuta [the Olgas] are the next port of call, before visiting the amazing Kings Canyon. The iconic outback town of Alice Springs plays host and has some lovely gorges to explore in the nearby MacDonnell Ranges.

Further north from here are the Devil’s Marbles National Park, Mataranka Hot Springs, the desert oasis of the Daly Waters Pub, the picturesque sights of Katherine Gorge and then it’s on to Darwin, complete with the mind blowing Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks.

Heading east you ride past the Gulf of Carpentaria to arrive in the tropical city of Cairns. Roam through the ancient Daintree Rainforest before exploring Cape Tribulation and visiting the world famous Great Barrier Reef on a day trip from the beautiful tropical town of Port Douglas. The turquoise waters and blistering white sands of the Whitsunday Islands are close at hand too.

Now you’ll head south towards the Atherton Tablelands, tracing a route along the coast towards the incredible spectacle of the world’s largest sand island, Fraser Island. A four wheel drive day tour on the island is a fantastic way to explore deep into an area you’d otherwise miss completely.

The Sunshine Coast is next and the route through the hinterland (inland area) to Brisbane past the unusual Glass House Mountains, has some superb biking roads and scenery worth stopping and staring at.

From Brisbane you’ll ride through the vibrant hot spot of Surfer’s Paradise to the most easterly point in Australia at Byron Bay. A great place to stay a day and relax on the beautiful beach, explore the town and enjoy the atmosphere in the evening.

The final segment of the route back to Sydney takes you along some of the most amazing biking roads in the country, through scenery as special as the roads. You’ll ride atop the Great Dividing Range to the Waterfall Way, through the Hunter Valley and high into the Blue Mountains.

It’s a journey of superlatives and one that you’ll certainly never forget!

That’s just a rough guideline of the sort of tour you might like to undertake, there’s plenty more to experience if you scratch beneath the surface. We’re on hand to help you make the best choices about where to go and what to see, to ensure you get the best self guided motorcycle tour through the finest areas of Australia. Just let us know what you’re interested in, we’ll be pleased to help!



Whilst our other tours are customisable depending on your personal preferences, the ‘RoundOZ’ experience is a bit different. This one is basically built from the ground up to your specific requirements. Exact route, side excursions, the length of the tour, where you start, where you decide to end [if you want to end at all] and of course most importantly, the type of bike you decided to ride.

Absolutely everything is tailorable to what your heart desires, it’s a bespoke tour just for you!

Our entire range of motorcycles is yours for the choosing. BMW, Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Triumph, pretty much everything from dual sports adventure bikes to highway cruisers and sports bikes. If you’re going to undertake an epic motorcycle tour in Australia, it may as well be on the bike of your dreams!