We’re not here to just rent you a motorbike. We have an intimate knowledge of Australia and enjoy helping with motorcycle routes, distances, accommodation and places of interest.

Ask us to help plan your trip, we’d be really pleased to help!


Hold on, something’s missing here, where’s the list of motorbikes available to rent from Cairns?

Well alluring tropical delights aside, there just isn’t sufficient demand in Cairns for a permanent motorcycle depot we’re afraid. “Why?” we hear you ask. Well, there is some great riding in the local area to be sure but it’s highly seasonal, with only three or four months of ideal riding weather outside of the wet season. Riding in the wet season is something to be avoided really as this is Australia, ‘wet season’ over here means you best bring a snorkel and diving equipment. Hardly ideal motorbiking weather we’re sure you’ll agree!

This means that most people take a short internal flight to Brisbane or Sydney and ride from there. With so many great looping routes from these cities, a number of which include Cairns, the vast majority of people who rent motorcycles on the east coast of Australia choose to start from either Brisbane or Sydney. It’s nothing personal. Cairns is a great city in a fantastic tropical location, it’s just not the most practical of rental locations!

An alternative option is a one-way trip. It’d be a great way to explore the Northern Queensland and surrounding areas, whilst ensuring that you get maximum enjoyment and riding pleasure from your time in the region.

There are a few things to bear in mind with the one way trips though. They’re generally only available for longer rides and you’ll need to select a larger capacity bike, other than those provisos we’d be more than happy to help arrange everything for you.

You can start from many of Australia’s main cities and ride to Cairns, or start there and go the other way. The choice is entirely yours! Feel free to contact us for details and we’ll be happy to explain the available options.


What is the depot address for collecting a bike in Cairns?

Our Cairns location is a private residence where the handover takes place, the precise location is given once your booking is confirmed but we can give you more details in advance if you contact us.


What are the Cairns depot operating hours?

Our Cairns location operates on a ‘by appointment only’ basis and does not have standard operating hours. You can contact us for more information.

What are the terms and conditions for renting a bike from Cairns?

The terms and conditions for hiring a motorbike from our Cairns location can be found by following this link: TERMS and CONDITIONS.

What is the 'BOND' and 'INSURANCE EXCESS'?

Security bond amounts will vary depending on the bike you rent. The relevant amount is listed against each bike on the rentals page. Rentals of fewer than 21 days (excluding one way relocations) are organised as a ‘pre-authorisation’ against a credit card, which means the funds are 'reserved' but not processed (sufficient funds still need to be available so as to be reserved).

If the rental is 21 days or longer then the security bond is processed on a credit card and refunded upon safe return of the undamaged bike. Your bond will automatically expire once the bike is returned but please bear in mind we have no control over how long the funds take to reach your account. It can sometimes take a number of days with this being determined by your bank's processing times, not ours.

The insurance excess is not pre-authorised or processed. It is the MOST you would have to pay in the event of an accident.

For example: If an accident / incident were to occur and the damage is only $100, then that’s all you pay. But if the damage is $6,000 and the excess is $4,000 you would be liable for $4,000 and the insurance pays the remainder.

You can reduce the excess amount by 50% as long as your rental is for 7 days or longer. The price for this service can be found above in the 'extras' section.

What does 'WEEKEND' rental mean?

Weekend rentals are classed as a collection at 16:00 on a Friday through to 10:00 return the following Monday, picking up and dropping off from the same depot.

Prices displayed in the weekend category are for the full rental period and not per day as with the other listings.

Why are the 'HIGHER KM' bikes lower cost?

The older bike models are still subject to the same strict safety and maintenance standards as the newer bikes, they've simply travelled further than the rest of the fleet and may be sporting the occasionaly slight blemish or cosmetic imperfection from their time exploring Australia.

They are offered at a reduced price over the newer models because of this, with the price reduction often making them a great value option for anyone that isn’t concerned with riding the latest edition of a specific bike.

How will my bike be equipped?

You can see more information about how are motorcycles are equipped and what options are available in our ADVICE and INFORMATION section.

If you have any questions about bike setup or specific requests then just contact us and we will be happy to help and explore options.

Are tools and puncture repair kits supplied with my bike?

A basic tool kit is included with all motorcycles as well as a CO2 based tyre repair kit, just in case any unfortunate punctures occur whilst out on the road. More details can be found in the ADVICE and INFORMATION section.

Can I rent a helmet or other riding equipment / clothing?

We always recommend that where possible you bring along your own riding gear for both comfort and safety, but we also understand that this may not be possible in all cases, expecially if you are travelling in from overseas.

We offer a limited ranged of riding equipment / clothing for hire and the prices can be seen above in the 'ACCESSORIES' section. If you have specific needs or a special request then it is best to contact us in advance so we can do our best to help.

No guarantees are made for riding gear and and it is rented at your own risk.

Can I hire a Sat-Nav / GPS or can I bring my own with me?

We have a limited number of Sat-Nav / GPS units available from our various locations, rental prices can be found above in the 'ACCESSORIES' section.

We can fit your own GPS unit to the bike for a one-off charge which is listed above in the 'ACCESSORIES' section, but you will need to ensure that you bring along everything required to mount the GPS with you when you travel. (Power cable, cradle/mount etc.)

We can't guarantee that we'll have compatible mounting equipment for your GPS unit so it's always best to bring absolutely everything with you if you'd like to use your own navigation.

What license do I need and what else should I bring when collecting my bike?

For most of our motorcycles you will need a full bike licence printed in English; if it is not in English you will need an International Drivers Permit. We have more information about license requirements in our Advice and Information section.

For some smaller motorcycles or those listed as being LEARNER or PROVISIONAL suitable, your home country motorcycle license must permit you to ride the motorcycle you wish to hire.

You will also need your passport (if you are visting from overseas) and a VISA or Mastercard for the rental payment and security deposit.

Don't forget to bring your booking confirmation with the address and telephone number of the depot so you can find it when you arrive!

Can I leave luggage at the depot during my trip and / or what if I need to ship it to another city?

You are welcome to leave your luggage at our depot during your trip and there is no charge for this. Any Post Office in Australia can ship your luggage to another depot for you, or we can put you in touch with a courier company who will ship it for you.

It is important to remember that if you elect to have your luggage shipped with one of the courier companies then we can help make the necessary arrangements, but the final responsibility for the transport is with the courier / shipping company and that they are not part of BikeRoundOz.

Further details about shipping your luggage are available in the 'ADVICE and INFORMATION' section, and there are also specific terms and conditions to consider.

Will my mobile phone work whilst I'm in Australia?

The first step will be to check with your phone company to see if they can turn on roaming which will allow you to use your phone whilst in Australia.

It may be cheaper to purchase a local SIM card for your phone in Australia and they can be easily acquired from the airport or other travel hubs on arrival, or shops selling them are often liberally sprinkled around most towns and cities.

Mobile phones obtain a signal in almost all towns and cities, but outside built up areas reception can be patchy. In most outback regions it can be many hundreds of kilometres between towns and there will most likely be no signal at all in these areas.

If you think you'll be travelling in remote regions then let us know what your plans might be and we can suggest some ways to make sure you stay safe and contactable.

What happens if I break down?

You will be provided with a National Breakdown recovery number during the booking process or by the collection depot, but you should first contact the relevant collection depot in case it is something simple that can be remedied over the phone. Details will be listed on your paperwork.

The best solution to a potentially serious problem depends on where you are and the nature of the issue, but rest assured the depot will do everything they can to get you moving again and this is usually within 24 hours.

Solutions may be anything from a repair, or a replacement bike right through to alternative transport but the priority is always to allow you to continue your trip.

Specific terms and conditions apply to self guided tours which include accommodation, further details can be found here.

What do I do about toll roads?

BikeRoundOz motorcycles are registered so that tolls incurred when using any Australian toll road will be charged automatically to your card. There’s no need for you to do anything during your travel. Depending on the toll road used, charges may take up to 1 month to appear. If you do not travel on any toll roads – no charges will be incurred.