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Terms and Conditions - Motorcycle rental terms and conditions

Motorcycle rental terms & conditions

The information below covers advisory information about your rental and also the full rental contract you will be required to sign at commencement of the rental period. We like to ensure you have as much information in advance of your rental as possible but if there is something that isn't covered here that you would like to know, please contact us us with any queries.

Included in the price:

› Unlimited kilometre allowance [see note]
› Full motorcycle insurance with third party property cover [see note]
› Motorcycle luggage, e.g. hard boxes, soft panniers etc. (Exact configuration will depend on the specific bike model)
› Security lock
› Breakdown assistance
› All local taxes including GST
Not included in the price:

› Tolls [See note]
› Parking tickets, speeding fines and other penalties. [An AU$50.00 fee may be imposed for the handling of unpaid fines]
› Fuel - An AU$50.00 surcharge applies for any bikes not returned with a full tank of fuel
› Costs relating to punctures or other tyre damage occurring during the rental period
› Your own vehicle parking at or near the depot
› Bike cleaning [See note]
› Public holiday handover fee: $40.00. Please ask if handover is available for your dates.

› // Age and licence requirements:

General requirements for the rental of motorcycles are as follows:

// Scooters [excluding Vespas] and bikes between 125-300cc
- 21 years with at least a motorcycle learners permit

// Scooters [Vespas]
- 21 years with a provisional motorcycle license permitting you to ride bikes of appropriate power output

// 125 - 300cc [L.A.M.S approved bikes]
23 years with a learners motorcycle license permitting you to ride bikes of appropriate power output

// 301 - 650cc [L.A.M.S approved bikes]
23 years with a provisional motorcycle license permitting you to ride bikes of appropriate power output

// 650 - 999cc
25 years with a full motorcycle license and 1 year of appropriate experience

// 1000cc or more
- 28 years with a full motorcycle license and 2 years of appropriate experience

If you are unsure if you qualify - please ask us. We may be able to arrange specific insurance for you based on the length of time you have held your license and any relevant experience you have.

Young riders (under 25) wishing to hire a bike of 650cc from certain depots may be permitted with an increase to the insurance excess and security deposits of AU$ 500. Please ask us to see if you qualify.

› // Document requirements:

You must bring your motorcycle licence with you when hiring a motorcycle, overseas clients must also bring your passport as well. All clients must bring a suitable credit card (Visa or Mastercard) for the processing of the security deposit at the time of collection.

Your motorcycle license must show your entitlement clearly or be printed in English, otherwise in addition to the documents above you will also need an International Drivers Permit (IDP). More information about the document requirements for riding in Australia can be found here.

› // Helmets:

It is a condition that you wear an approved crash helmet at all times when riding your motorcycle. BikeRoundOz strongly encourages you to take your own helmet and cannot accept liability for the condition of any crash helmet provided by third parties.

› // Accessories and equipment:

The participant is solely responsible for the ignition keys, rental GPS if provided and all other accessories and equipment (including luggage / panniers and disc lock) hired. Should they be lost, stolen or damaged the participant is responsible for the replacement or repair of said items, plus loss of rental resulting from an inability to utilise the motorcycle.

In the event of damage or loss of a GPS unit a separate security bond of AU$ 1,000 will be processed whilst the repair/replacement process is ongoing. This GPS security deposit is separate to the security deposit taken for the motorcycle. A good travel insurance policy will ensure you are covered for the costs in the event of anything happening to the keys, accessories or equipment and we'd always suggest being properly insured before riding in Australia.

If you choose the 50/50 tyre for road/gravel then you MUST also inform us of your approximate route plans so that we can ensure the bike is prepared correctly for your ride.

› // Luggage transport:

If you’d like luggage shipped to your destination we can arrange this on your behalf and act as a collection point but please understand that we cannot accept responsibility or liability for damaged, lost or delayed goods. Courier companies do not provide a warranty of any kind and will pay nothing in the event of loss unless you request additional insurance.

If you’d like this you will need to inform us of the items in the luggage and their value. The warranty will cover the goods only and not any consequential losses for things such as delayed delivery for example. Responsibility for the transport is with the courier company and not BikeRoundOz and in the event of a problem you will need to liaise with them directly.

If you’d like to arrange your own luggage transport the post office will send your bags and is one supplier offering a door to door service.

› // Safe use policy:

Unlimited KM are included with rentals although bear in mind that if you travel over 8,000km there is an AU$295 charge for servicing (see details here)

In the interest of your safety it's important that you inform us in advance if your riding plan involves days covering more than 450km. Excessive ride durations and riding speeds in order to achieve unrealistic schedules are unsafe due to the prevalence of wildlife on the roads around dawn and dusk, plus rider fatigue which is a very important consideration in Australia. We would generally recommend that in general an average riding day in most of Australia should be between 300-450km.

Our priority is to ensure you have the best possible experience on the bike whilst in Australia so if you're unsure if your plans are realistic in their scope, just get in touch with us first and we'll be happy to help.

› // Insurance:

Breach of rental contract terms voids ALL insurance and the renter is liable for ALL damage.

Insurance DOES NOT cover:
- rider for bodily injury or damage/loss of personal belongings. Supplementary travel insurance is advised (see note).
- loss of rental caused by extensive damage to the motorcycle rendering it unavailable for hire.
- transport costs for the motorcycle/s to a repair centre or BikeRoundOz depot location in the event of any acccident.

Comprehensive cover includes:
- damage to and/or theft of motorcycle; third party injury; and third party property.
- Renter is liable for excess amount.

You also have the option for AU$ 19.00 per day (for rentals over 7 days only) to reduce the insurance excess amount to AU$ 2,500 for bikes over 650cc and AU$ 1,500 for bikes 650cc and under. This is not available for riders currently on their learners or provisional permits. For longer term rides the excess reduction policy is capped at AU$ 690 per trip.

Important note: Excess reduction is available for rides taking place on both sealed and unsealed public roads, however the full standard excess will apply in the event of any single vehicle accidents on unsealed roads. 

› // Booking insurance:

To protect your booking deposit you can purchase booking insurance. We provide booking insurance so that you can transfer your booking to another date, not more than 30 days from the original booking date, without losing your booking fee. This can be for any reason e.g. bad weather, sickness or just if you do not feel like riding on that date.

Terms are:
- price of insurance is 10% of the total rental price (minimum of AU$20.00).
- insurance is due in advance when the booking is made and deposit paid.
- insurance can only be used once.
- cancellation must be requested at least 2 days prior to the rental start date.

› // Personal travel insurance:

It is vital that you have appropriate travel insurance which offers cover while motorcycling. BikeRoundOz, its Agents, Assigns and Contractors accept no responsibility for a customer's failure to arrange appropriate cover. Please also note that cover is often void if a helmet is not being worn. We strongly recommend you cover yourself with travel insurance in case of accident and to ensure that if your personal circumstances change and you have to cancel your costs are covered.

More details regarding insurance can be found in the 'advice and information' section.

› // Deposits:

A 20% non refundable booking deposit is normally required to reserve your motorcycle [minimum of AU$100]. An additional security deposit (the 'bond', see below) which is refunded when the bike is returned safely, must be paid using a credit card. The full balance is due one (1) week before bike collection.

› // Security bond:

Security bond amounts will vary depending on the bike you rent, the amount is listed against each bike on the rentals page. Rentals of fewer than 21 days (excluding one way relocations) are processed as a 'pre-authorisation' against a credit card. If the rental is 21 days or more then the security deposit/bond is processed on a credit card and refunded upon safe return of the undamaged bike. Your bond will automatically expire once the bike is returned but please bear in mind we have no control over how long the funds take to reach your account. It can take a number of days and this is determined by your bank, not ours.

Also note: If a motorcycle GPS tracker shows that the bike has been ridden on prohibited routes, at excessive speeds or in an irresponsible manner you will be in breach of the terms and conditions and the full bond amount will be forfeit.

Please note: The security bond is applied 'per incident' so if an accident does occur but you wish to continue on with the motorcycle, an additional security bond of the same amount as the original will be processed.

› // COVID-19 cancellation policy - RISK FREE BOOKING:

There will no longer be cancellation fees for bookings placed after 20th May 2020 for rentals or tours if you can’t collect in your chosen city due to COVID-19 government restrictions. Your deposit will be refunded less a booking fee of AU$45 for rentals and AU$150 for Self-Guided Tours due to the work involved in processing the bookings. Alternatively you can use the whole amount against a future booking within 18 months of the original start date.

Cancellations outside these timescales or for other reasons will be subject to the usual terms. Please note that the COVID policy applies if you can’t collect from your chosen city either due to your home address being restricted or the collection city . If your hoped for route isn’t available then an alternative may need to be planned (we’d be pleased to help) but it’s whether you can collect from your chosen city that is the important thing.

We’ll be helpful where possible but we’d ask you to please remember that we are promising to hold a bike for you and so can’t offer it to others whilst your booking is allocated.

› // Cancellations:

In the event of a cancellation the following fees apply:

- Over 30 days prior to the start date - 20% of the total fee
- 6-30 days prior to the start date - 50% of the total fee
- 2-6 days prior to the start date - 80% of the total fee
- 48 hours or less - 100% of the total fee

There is an administration fee of AU$50 for bookings cancelled within 72 hours of being made. The 20% deposit is the fee for cancelled bookings made between 4 and 30 days prior to collection. Normal terms above apply for bookings made 30 days or more prior to collection.

If the booking is for a one way trip from one city to another (e.g. Perth to Melbourne) and the bike has left Melbourne on its way to the other city (Perth in this example) and the cancellation comes after the bike has been shipped (typically 2 weeks before the pickup date) then the one way fees are paid in full in addition to the cancellation cost.

We strongly recommend that you obtain trip cancellation insurance from an insurance company. You can see more information in our insurance section. The cancellation policy is explained fully here.

There will be no pro-rata refunds should the bike be returned early before the end of the hire period irrespective of the circumstances that facilitated an early return.

› // One-way and extended rentals:

You can drop off your motorcycle at any city and simply pay the freight costs of shipping the bike back to the depot. Refer to our one-way ride information section for costs and cities available.  In the event that the rider is unable to take bike any further or deliver the bike at the agreed return depot – BikeRoundOz reserves the right to charge the customer the cost of the relocation of the bike to the agreed upon terminal. This cost will vary depending where the bike has been left and the renter will be notified of this cost.

› // Service:

If you are hiring a bike for a long period and expect to travel over 8,000km then there is a one-off fee of AU$295. You may need a service somewhere along the way and you must agree to have this done if we require it. You may need to accept that you cannot use the bike for the day of the servicing. Any service needed will be at our cost and we will arrange this for you. It may include the replacement of tyres that are fully worn. We will agree upfront with you the condition of the tyre/s before you leave our collection depot. You will need to contact us at least a week before any service and tyre replacement works are required or we may not be able to arrange the work for your preferred day.

If you are renting a motorcycle on a 61-90 day fixed price agreement, then the hirer is responsible for all servicing, tyres & consumables.

› // Cleaning:

Should you rent a motorcycle that we've authorised to ride on gravel roads then please be aware that the dust that covers the bike on these routes can be tough to remove, especially if left on during a long trip. If you clean the bike thoroughly before returning it there will be no charge. However, if it is dirty when returned then there is a strictly enforced AU$200 cleaning fee that is deducted from the security bond before it is refunded. This policy helps to ensure the bikes are kept in good condition ready for your rental.

› // Tolls:

Tolls are not included in the rental. BikeRoundOz vehicles are registered so that tolls incurred by you when using any Australian
toll road will be recorded and billed to you directly by BikeRoundOz.

If you use a toll road, the amounts payable by you will include:

(a) the applicable toll(s) incurred during the rental (which varies from toll road to toll road); and
(b) a service fee of AU$1.50 for each recorded toll

You will be sent an e-mail with the informaton about the tolls you are being charged for. Please note: Depending on the toll road
used, charges may take up to 1 month to appear. If you do not travel on any toll roads – no charges will be incurred.

Current toll roads in Australia include, but aren't necessarily limited to:

New South Wales
Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Harbour Tunnel, Hills M2 Motorway, M5 South-West Motorway, Westlink M7 Motorway, Eastern Distributor, Cross City Tunnel and Lane Cove Tunnel

City Link and East Link

Gateway Motorway, Logan Motorway, Airport Link M7, Clem 7 Tunnel and the Go-Between Bridge

› // Breakdowns and our Service Pledge:

The nature of mechanical things means that while breakdowns are very rare, they can occur. Here’s our pledge explaining the level of service you can expect if the worst happens…

You must always first call the emergency number before arranging anything yourself. You may incur additional charges for towing or repairs without prior authorisation.

We will arrange for our National Breakdown Cover to visit and assess the situation. If a repair can’t be made they will take you and the bike to a service centre. If the bike still can’t be fixed, then we will do our best to deliver a replacement bike of the same standard or higher. We will refund the days you cannot use the bike. If the replacement bike is lower cost, we will refund the difference. If we can’t deliver a bike, then we’ll arrange alternative transport so that you can continue your journey. That may be via car or, if you are in a remote area, by bus to a location where a car is available. This is the limit of our liability and additional items such as accommodation costs, flights, taxi fares, phone calls, interrupted travel plans and missed connections/flights are not included. If you are travelling with others, claims or refunds cannot be made for bikes that are not faulty. It is our greatest priority to get you on the road again and in the vast majority of cases that happens well within 48 hours. In summary, we promise not to leave you stranded!

Want Better Cover? Roadside Assist Plus for just AU$9 per day...
If you’d like additional peace of mind should a breakdown occur, this low-cost option includes 2 night’s accommodation (to be organised by BikeRoundOz), taxi fares to the hotel, flights for up to two people to take you to another city to collect a replacement bike should we not be able to deliver one within 48 hours and reimbursement of phone calls.

Punctures – we can’t control where the bike is ridden or the surface of the road and so we can’t cover you for punctures. A repair kit is provided and you MUST let us know if you repair the tyre as it won’t be safe for future rentals. The cost of a professional repair or replacement tyre is not covered under any warranty.

Gravel Roads – should you decide to ride on gravel roads then it is your choice to be in a remote area. We will arrange for help but National Breakdown Cover does not extend to gravel roads. Costs to transport the bike and, in addition to the above conditions, any delays resulting from being in a remote area cannot be claimed. Once again we will do our very best to get you going again as quickly as possible!

› // Unsealed roads and gravel riding:

Travel on gravel roads can be extremely dangerous unless you are well prepared and know how to deal with difficult situations. This is especially true in remote regions. Every year travellers find themselves in trouble and injured (or worse) due to lack of skill, preparation and knowledge.

Riding these roads can be fun and take you to beautiful areas but there are some important things to be aware of on the terms and conditions page if you decide to ride gravel roads. Here’s a summary:

1) If you intend to ride on gravel or unsealed roads then you MUST inform us of your plans for insurance reasons.

2) Note the information about the $200 cleaning fee for bikes that are returned dirty after being on gravel roads.

3) Should your bike break down or need to be recovered for ANY reason on unsealed roads then you will be responsible for recovery costs.

4) Insurance excess reduction does not apply on gravel roads for single vehicle accidents. The full standard excess applies.

5) The standard tyres on adventure bikes are designed for 80% sealed and 20% unsealed riding. 50/50 tyres are an upgrade option when booking. It is your responsibility to book these if you feel your route requires them. Bear in mind that they will wear quickly on sealed roads and so if they need replacing on your trip they will be at your own cost.

6) Our bikes are NOT permitted on beaches, salt lakes (either wet or dry), tidal estuaries or on the following remote roads: Gunbarrel Highway, Canning Stock Route, The Plenty Highway, Anne Beadell Highway, Sandover Highway, anywhere on the Cape York Peninsula or Fraser Island. If a motorcycle GPS tracker or other evidence shows that the bike has been ridden on prohibited routes the implications are considerable and onerous. Please be aware that:

- You will be in breach of the terms and conditions. You will not be insured and so liable for the full cost of the bike.
- The full excess amount will be forfeit no matter if there is an accident or not. i.e. you will be charged this even if the bike comes back in working order.
- Breakdowns of any kind and transport fees will be at your cost even if it’s a warranty issue with the bike. We are under no obligation to help you solve breakdown problems on these routes.

Riding banned roads is very dangerous and for your own safety you can see that we really want to discourage you from riding them! Ask us about guided tours with support if you’d like to ride these roads.

› // Indemnity release:

By booking a rental, self guided tour or guided tour you agree that you understand and agree to the indemnity release detailed below which is between you (and any passengers) and atf the Osborne Trust T/A BikeRoundOz, it's directors, employees or agents (hereafter called The Company).

You must agree that you shall participate entirely at your own risk and that you, your successors, executors and administrators will release, indemnify and not instigate any claim, demand or expense against The Company for any personal injury, loss of life or damage to personal property suffered during or subsequent to events on the rental or tour.

You must acknowledge that any road whether sealed or unsealed, or any other venue upon which you travel, may have sandy or rocky surfaces with defects either hidden or exposed as is the nature of some roads. You must agree to obey and observe all rules and directions given during a tour, whether given in writing or verbally by The Company and that The Company has the right to exclude you from any tour for non-adherence to any rule or direction given.

You must accept that you are permitted to rent a motorcycle or take part in a tour on condition that you ride safely with due care and regard for other people and property.

You must acknowledge that motorcycle riding, whether as a rider or passenger, can be dangerous and that a motorcycle rental or participation in a tour organised and promoted by The Company may expose you to the possibility of injury or death and further, you must acknowledge that the way other people may ride, drive or act is outside the control of The Company.

You must acknowledge that there may be no, or inadequate facilities for treatment or transport of participants if participants are injured. You agree that you understand that travel insurance to cover all forms of personal injury, repatriation or costs in the event of death is essential and it is your responsibility to ensure you have appropriate cover.

You agree to wear appropriate motorcycle safety equipment at all times and that you are medically fit to undertake a motorcycle rental or tour.

You must agree that you have read and understood the indemnity release and agree that the motorcycle rental or participation in a tour whether guided or self guided is entirely at your own risk.

Our cancellation policy explained:

It’s always disappointing to have to cancel or curtail your trip, especially if it’s a major part of a holiday that you’ve looked forward to for some time. Life can change quickly should you or a loved one sustain an injury or fall ill and with today’s fast moving work environment an unexpected redundancy or busy time at work can derail your well laid plans. We understand! These things can happen to us too!

This means that should you need to cancel your bike trip we want to be as helpful as possible and apply a policy that is as low impact as it can be for you, whilst covering at least some of the expenses and losses that we incur as a result. We don’t aim to make money out of cancellations and so it’s a case of applying a system that is as fair as possible to everyone involved.

When you book we make a commitment to you to reserve the bike you’ve requested and not offer it to others even if their booking is financially more beneficial to us. We take that commitment very seriously and you’d understandably be very upset if we offered the bike to a different client just because it suited us better. Similarly when you make a booking you also make a commitment to us. A cancellation effectively means that this commitment has been broken. We know it is probably unintentional but we will have had to refuse other booking requests for the bike you requested and will have arranged other bookings around yours.

In general our clients book some months in advance and this means that if a cancellation is made with more than 30 day’s notice we stand a chance of the bike being booked again. For this reason we charge just 20% of the rental or tour as a cancellation fee (the booking deposit).

With rentals, if a cancellation is between a week and a month (7-30 days) before the start date there is a much lower chance of us being able to re-book the bike and so we charge 50% of the rental cost. With 3 to 6 days to go there is practically no chance of re-booking the bike and so the cancellation fee increases to 80%. With 48 hours or less notice it will effectively be impossible to re-book the bike and so the cancellation fee is 100% of the total.

With Self-Guided Tours we commit to accommodations and often have cancellation fees with them. We also provide you with as much advice as you need, provide the itinerary document, create bespoke maps and have the whole booking process to go through for you and the accommodations. For this reason the cancellation fee is the full amount of the tour if it is cancelled 30 days or less from the start date.

We average things out annually and apply this policy universally so it’s not worked out on a specific bike booking at a specific time. It means that we are being as fair to everyone as possible.

We hope you understand our reasoning and can see that this arrangement is the fairest arrangement for all involved. Despite this we realise that receiving a bill for your cancellation costs isn't going to make us popular so we always recommend travel insurance be purchase before arriving in Australia.

For a shorter duration rental we offer booking insurance which allows you to change your dates for any reason, to another set of dates not more than 30 days from the original.

Please forgive our rather lengthy explanation but I hope this shows the care and thought that we have put into these situations. We genuinely want to ensure that a cancellation is as pain free as possible for you and that there is no misunderstanding should the unfortunate occur.

› // Rental contract:

› // Motorcycle rental contract in full:

› 1.0 - Rental of the Motorcycle:

1.1 The Renter hires the Motorcycle referred to in item 2 of the Rental Schedule and any accessories/equipment referred to in item 7 of the Rental Schedule for the hire period referred to in item 8 of the Rental Schedule.

1.2 Unexpected and uncontrollable situations may require last minute substitution of a motorcycle. This may include but is not limited to: mechanical failure, collision, damage and theft during a previous rental.

1.3 The Renter will return the Motorcycle to BikeRoundOz NO LATER than the end of the hire period as defined as 'return date' in the rental schedule.

1.4 In the event of the late return of the Motorcycle, a late fee will be charged in accordance with Clause 8.3 of the terms and conditions.

› 2.0 - Deposits, Rental Charge and Security Bond

2.1 A deposit of 20% per booking is required to establish and hold a reservation.

2.2 The full balance of the rental charge, as specified in item 7 of the Rental Schedule for the specified hire period, is due one (1) week before bike collection.

2.3 The Renter will provide a security bond (*1) referred to in item 7 of the Rental Schedule by credit card acceptable to BikeRoundOz.

2.4 The Security Bond is refundable by credit card after return of the Motorcycle and a reasonable time allowed for servicing and checking, subject to any deductions authorised by this Agreement (refer Clause 3.1)

2.5 The renter agrees to pay the other amounts set under item 7 of the rental schedule, calculated in accordance with the price list, and any stamp duty, fees, outgoings, penalties, fines or costs imposed by any authority.

› 3.0 - Service:

3.1 BikeRoundOz will inspect the Motorcycle upon return of the Motorcycle from the Renter and shall deduct from the security bond the cost of repairs, replacement parts, or any other moneys owing under this Agreement. 

3.2 Upon the Motorcycle becoming due for a routine service (as noted in the Maintenance and Service Schedule or as notified by BikeRoundOz) the Renter will deliver the Motorcycle to the nearest authorised service provider for its routine service, which will be undertaken at BikeRoundOz cost. If you are renting a motorcycle on a 61-90 day fixed price agreement, then the hirer is responsible for all servicing, tyres & consumables.

3.3 The period in which the Motorcycle is delivered to the authorised service provider, is serviced by the authorised service provider, and is collected from the authorised service provider forms part of the hire period.

› 4.0 - Use of the motorcycle:

The Renter agrees:

4.1 to keep and deliver up the Motorcycle in good order and repair (reasonable wear and tear excepted);

4.2 not to attempt to sell, dispose of or encumber the Motorcycle in any way;

4.3 not to alter the Motorcycle, including any identifying markings, without BikeRoundOz’s prior written consent;

4.4 to allow inspection of the Motorcycle at any reasonable time;

4.5 to ride and operate the Motorcycle in a skillful manner;

4.6 not to authorise or permit the Motorcycle to be ridden by any person other than the Renter or a person nominated by the Renter referred to in Item 1.1 of the Rental Schedule;

4.7 not to part with possession of the Motorcycle unless authorised in writing by BikeRoundOz;

4.8 not to permit the Motorcycle to be operated in a careless or dangerous manner, in breach of any statutes, regulations or rules in relation to the use or riding of Motorcycles, nor to operate or ride the Motorcycle while under the influence of intoxicating liquors or illegal drugs;

4.9 that the Renter or any other authorised rider will hold a Motorcycle license acceptable to the relevant traffic authorities and that the Renter and any other authorised rider is over 21 years of age;

4.10 not to allow the Motorcycle to be used or operated for or in conjunction with any illegal purpose or in any time, speed, or hill climbing tests, race, rally, reliability trial or contest, stationary revving or burn outs, and shall not convey any load greater than that for which the Motorcycle was constructed;

4.11 not to allow the Motorcycle to be ridden or permit it to be ridden or otherwise used when it is in a damaged or unsafe condition; and

4.12 not to use the Motorcycle for any commercial purpose other than that expressly stated in writing in the Rental Schedule.

4.13 Tracking device: You understand that we use and you expressly agree to our use of global positioning systems to locate the vehicle at any time.

› 5.0 - Damage:

5.1 Where damage occurs to the Motorcycle, mechanical difficulty arises, or the Motorcycle is involved in an accident, the Renter will immediately notify BikeRoundOz and will act in accordance with instructions given by BikeRoundOz (*2).

5.2 If mechanical damage is caused by the misuse or abuse of the Motorcycle, the Renter will remain liable for the hire charge for the remainder of the unexpired hire period together with all repair costs, replacement parts and costs for the cancellation or postponement of the hire of the Motorcycle to future customers as a result of its unavailability. This will be calculated by determining the percentage usage, over 60 days immediately preceding the damage, and multiplying this by the number of days that the Motorcycle is unavailable.

5.3 The Renter agrees to (and will procure any authorised rider to) provide all assistance reasonably required by BikeRoundOz in relation to any accident in which the Motorcycle is involved during the hire period, including the provision of statements, information and documents and will attend court to give evidence and meet with BikeRoundOz’s lawyers as required in relation to any legal action arising in connection with the hire of the Motorcycle.

5.4 Where a motorcycle has been crashed and is not able to be ridden any further, BikeRoundOz, its Agents, Assigns and Contractors are under no obligation to replace or supply another motorcycle for the completion of the journey and no compensation can be claimed by the hirer for the unused portion of the hire period.

› 6.0 - Renter's responsibilities:

6.1 The Renter acknowledges responsibility to maintain the engine oil at the required level and to maintain chain tension and lubrication, as specified in Item 2 of the Rental Schedule. The engine oil, chain tension and lubrication must be checked each time the bike is ridden. Failure to check these items specified will be treated as abuse under paragraph 5.2 of this Agreement.

6.2 The Renter acknowledges that the hire and use of the Motorcycle is at the Renter’s own risk and agrees that BikeRoundOz is not liable for any loss or damage:

6.2.1 to the Renter or any other person (including an authorised rider) for any property taken from the Motorcycle or otherwise lost during the hire period;
6.2.2 arising to the Renter or an authorised rider out of the breakdown of the Motorcycle; or
6.2.3 for any personal injury or property damage occasioned to the Renter or any other person from the use of the Motorcycle howsoever occurring.

6.3 The Renter shall only drive the motorcycle on road surfaces as specified by the bike variant (*3) and outlined in item 5 of the rental schedule, in a safe and careful manner, and is to take all responsible care necessary.

6.4 The renter shall be solely responsible for all fines and penalties for speeding and/or reckless or careless driving or other violation of any statute, ordinance, by-law or regulation of any government authority when in use or operation of the motorcycle. An administration fee of AU $50 may be charged to the Renter for discharge of these fines.

6.5 The renter is solely responsible for the ignition keys during the normal course of a riding day. Should they be lost or stolen the renter is responsible for the replacement to a maximum cost of AU $400. Additionally the renter is liable for any Express Post services to send spare keys to renter.

6.6 The renter is solely responsible for damage or loss of hired accessories & equipment (*4).

6.7 The hirer agrees to pay AU $ 25 for every puncture, AU $30 additional charge if the motorcycle is returned without a full tank of fuel, an AU $20 administration fee for any unpaid toll charges (in addition to the original toll cost).

6.8 A charge of AU$200 applies to any motorcycle returned without being cleaned or in a reasonably clean condition.

6.9 In the event that the rider is unable to deliver the motorcycle to the agreed depot, regardless of the reason, BikeRoundOz reserves the right to charge the customer the cost of the relocation of the motorcycle to the agreed upon terminal. This cost will vary depending where the motorcycle has been left.

› 7.0 - Insurance:

7.1 The Motorcycle referred to in Item 2 of the Rental Schedule has a level of insurance referred to in Item 6 of the Rental Schedule.  

7.2 Irrespective of the level of insurance that applies to this agreement, insurance does not cover the rider for:
7.2.1 Personal bodily injury or damage/loss of personal belongings (*5).
7.2.2 Loss of rental caused by extensive damage to the motorcycle rendering it unavailable for hire.

7.3 The insurance stated at Item 6 of the Rental Schedule is void and does not apply where the Renter has breached this agreement.

7.4 The Renter is liable for the Excess amount (*6) as stated in item 6 of the Rental Schedule, regardless of fault. The 'not at fault' rider will be refunded the Excess amount when the claim has been settled by payment to BikeRoundOz by the third party.

› 8.0 - Late return:

8.1 Where the Renter fails to return the Motorcycle by the end of the specified hire period, BikeRoundOz may without affecting any other rights, notify the Police or any other relevant authority of the failure and take such action or proceedings as considered necessary for recovery of possession of the Motorcycle. 

8.2 The Renter agrees to indemnify BikeRoundOz for all costs incurred by BikeRoundOz in connection with the recovery of the Motorcycle. BikeRoundOz may enter any premises where it believes the Motorcycle may be located.  In such event the Renter releases BikeRoundOz from any liability or damage incurred in retaking or attempting to retake the Motorcycle.

8.3 A late fee will be charged in the event of early collection or late return of the Motorcycle.  This fee shall be equal to the half-day hire for the Motorcycle if the Motorcycle is returned up to half a day late.  If the Motorcycle is returned more than half a day late, the fee shall be equal to a full day hire for each day or part day until its return.

› 9.0 - Cancellations:

9.1 In the event of a cancellation or postponement the following fees apply:

- Over 31 days prior to the start date - 20% of the total fee
- 7-30 days prior to the start date - 50% of the total fee
- 3-6 days prior to the start date - 80% of the total fee
- 48 hours or less - 100% of the total fee

9.2 There will no pro-rata refunds for unused rental days irrespective of the circumstances that facilitated the early return/late pick up.

› 10.0 - Withdrawal of the motorcycle:

10.1 BikeRoundOz may repossess the Motorcycle at any time without demand upon BikeRoundOz becoming aware that the Renter is in breach of any term or condition of this Agreement or that the Motorcycle is damaged in any way or that continuing use of the Motorcycle would be likely to adversely affect the Motorcycle or its performance. 

› 11.0 - Unconditional obligation:

11.1 The Renter’s obligation to pay rental charges, service fees, and any other moneys under this Agreement is absolute and unconditional.  Without limitation, the Renter’s payment obligations will continue notwithstanding any defect in, breakdown, accident, loss, theft or damage to the Motorcycle. 

› 12.0 - Condition of the motorcycle:

12.1 The Renter acknowledges having examined the Motorcycle at the commencement of the hire period and agrees that the condition of the Motorcycle is as set out in Item 4.2 of the Rental Schedule.

› 13.0 - Exclusion of warranties:

13.1 To the full extent permitted by law, all express and implied terms, conditions and warranties (other than the ones set out in this Agreement) are excluded.

13.2 BikeRoundOz is not liable for any damage, injury or loss to any person or property arising from the possession, operation or use of the Motorcycle.

13.3 Whether or not Division 2 of part V of the Trade Practices Act, 1974 or any law to a similar effect applies, BikeRoundOz’s liability for anything in relation to the Motorcycle and its use, including damage or economic loss, is limited to the maximum extent permitted by law.  In any event BikeRoundOz’s liability is limited, at its option, to the replacement or cost of replacement of the Motorcycle.

› 14.0 - Indemnities:

The Renter indemnifies BikeRoundOz against:

14.1 Any loss of or damage to the Motorcycle, however arising

14.2 Liability for any death, injury or damage to any person or property arising directly or indirectly from the Motorcycle or its use; and

14.3 Any loss or liability incurred by BikeRoundOz resulting from possession, use or operation of the Motorcycle by the Renter.

› 15.0 - Interest:

15.1 Where any moneys are required to be paid by the Renter to BikeRoundOz, and such moneys exceed the deposit, then BikeRoundOz is entitled to charge interest at a daily rate of fourteen (14) per cent per annum on all amounts due.  BikeRoundOz will be entitled to recover from the Renter all expenses on an indemnity basis incurred in recovering any outstanding moneys from the Renter.

› 16.0 - Severance:

16.1 If any provision of this Agreement is or becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable, such provision shall be severed and the remaining provisions shall continue unaffected.

› 17.0 - Waiver:

17.1 No waiver by BikeRoundOz of any default, breach or repudiation by the Renter will affect BikeRoundOz’s rights in respect of any further or continuing default, breach or repudiation.

› 18.0 - Interpretation:

In this Agreement:

18.1 the singular includes the plural and vice versa;

18.2 'person' includes a firm, body corporate, unincorporated association or any other body or entity;

18.3 a reference to either party includes that party’s legal personal representatives, successors and permitted assigns;

18.4 headings are inserted for convenience only and do not affect interpretation; and

18.5 where the context permits, “Motorcycle” includes any accessories or equipment referred to in Item 7 of the Rental Schedule.

› General notes:

*1 - The Security Bond will vary depending on the motorcycle you rent. The amount is listed against each bike on the price list. Rentals of less than 21 days (excluding one way relocations) are processed as a pre-authorisation against a credit card. If the rental is 21 days or more, then the bond is processed on a credit card and refunded upon safe return of the bike undamaged. Please note that we are not responsible for any exchange rate fluctuations or other fees your bank may charge when refunding the bond. Also note that some banks take a few days to place the funds back into your account. It is your bank that dictates the length of time this takes, not the refunding bank.

*2 - In the event of mechanical breakdown or accident, report this to the emergency number issued to you by the depot. In the event of an accident (or theft), always report it to the police immediately, obtain a police report number, and notify the depot.

*3 - Surface Restrictions vary depending on the motorcycle you rent:
Standard motorcycles can only be ridden on formed, fully sealed public roads in a manner suited to the conditions.
Dual Purpose motorcycles can only be ridden on formed, fully sealed or unsealed public roads in a manner suited to the conditions. The bike shall NOT be ridden on beaches, salt lakes (wet or dry) or tidal estuaries. The motorcycle is not permitted on the following routes: Gunbarrel Highway, Canning Stock Route, Anne Beadell Highway or anywhere on the Cape York Peninsula.

*4 - If hired accessories or equipment are stolen please ensure you get a police report for your insurance. 

*5 - It is vital that you have appropriate travel insurance, which offers cover while motorcycling. BikeRoundOz, its Agents, Assigns and Contractors accept no responsibility for a customer’s failure to arrange appropriate cover. Please also note that cover is often void if a helmet is not being worn. We strongly recommend you cover yourself with travel insurance in case of accident and to ensure that if your personal circumstances change and you have to cancel your costs are covered.

*6 - The Excess will vary depending on the motorcycle you rent. The amount is listed against each bike on the price list. For rentals of 7 days or more, you have the option to reduce the insurance excess amount to 50% of the standard excess amount, for a fee of AU $18 per day.