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Self Guided Motorbike Tours - Tasmania
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7 days
Explore the best of Tasmania's natural, rugged splendour and fascinating convict history. Visit the world renowned Wineglass Bay, delve deeper into the past at historic Port Arthur and revel in natural magnificence at Cradle Mountain. All the while riding some of the finest roads the island state has to offer!

10 days
Sample the untamed regions of Tasmania, explore the fascinating Grampians National Park and experience the thrill of riding the world famous Great Ocean Road. Ten days will simply fly by!

14 days
Dip into the highlights of wild and rugged Tasmania, as a contrast to the sophisticated delights on offer in Melbourne and Sydney. Ride the Great Ocean Road, experience national parks, fascinating coastlines and twisting mountain riding.

The Tasmanian DevilSelf guided motorcycle tours in Tasmania

Tasmania is blessed with some beautiful motorcycling roads and absolutely spectacular scenery. Snow capped mountains, temperate rainforest, picturesque waterfalls, fascinating coastlines and examples of unique flora and fauna found nowhere else in the world.

It makes for great touring but remember that the riding season in 'Tassie' is very short due to cold and wet weather outside of the Summer season. It's a long way south and this means Antarctic weather systems can make the climate very changeable at times. Typical mid Summer temperatures are 17 to 23 degrees centigrade. From early Autumn through to late Spring expect anything from 3 to 18 degrees centigrade. Chilly enough to warrant a decent sleeping bag if you decide to do some motorcycle camping!

BMW motorbikes in the rain
Image credits link Tasmanian weather is unpredictable!

Tasmania is a quite compact island at only 306km across and about 364km long from north to south, but it packs some serious punch when it comes to motorbike riding. It can be toured comfortably in five or six days, so combining a tour of Tasmania with areas of the mainland such as the world famous Great Ocean Road, Grampians National Park and Victorian Alps would make for a great trip of a week or more.

With a little longer than a week to play with, you can even include a ride through the epic scenery of the Snowy Mountains, and still have time to experience the cosmopolitan delights on offer in Sydney.

Our tours will take you across on the ferry from Melbourne. It's an overnight crossing in a cabin and we'll arrange the ferry for you if you'd like. The costs vary depending on how far in advance you book and the time of year, so we can't include them in the tour prices shown. The bike itself only costs a small amount extra each way on the ferry, so is relatively inexpensive.

Hobart from Mount Wellington Tasmania
Image credits linkHobart, as seen from Mount Wellington, Tasmania

BMW F series motorbikeSelf guided motorbike tours include everything you need to get going with a minimum of fuss. The bike, great quality accommodation, hard copy maps, a detailed itinerary with information that will take you along the best routes the area has to offer and even Google map link information sent out to you in advance, so you can browse the route ahead of time. It really couldn't be much easier!

We can tailor the tours just for you, to meet your exact motorbike touring requirements. The length of the tour, accommodation type, where you stay before and after plus any side trips or excursions. It can all be tailored to suit you, simply ask us.

Tasmanian Tiger Tour

Some of the finest biking roads in Australia combined with breathtaking scenery, fascinating heritage and sublimely friendly natives. Experience the island state at its very best. Revel in Tasmania's natural splendour and intriguing convict history, whilst taking in the highlights of the south and eastern regions of 'Tassie'.

Tasmanian Tiger motorbike tour
7 days Learn about this self guided tour

Tasmania & Victoria Highlights

The best of Tasmania's untamed wilderness and convict heritage, blended with highlights of the fascinating scenery, invigorating riding and world renowned National Parks of the south of Victoria. A ride along the world famous Great Ocean Road has to be the highlight of this tour, but there's so much to choose from it's hard to decide!

Tasmania and Victoria highlights motorbike tour
10 daysLearn about this self guided tour

Sydney to Tasmania to Melbourne

The cosmopolitan delights offered by one of the greatest cities on earth, combined with stunning alpine scenery in the Snowy Mountains, the best of Tasmania's untamed wilderness and convict heritage, plus all the highlights of the state of Victoria and a ride along the world famous Great Ocean Road. Something for everyone!

Sydney to Tasmania to Melbourne self guided motorcycle tour
17 daysLearn about this self guided tour