Rent a motorcycle - Perth bikes and prices
Motorbike rentals from Perth
We're not here to just rent you a motorbike. We have an intimate knowledge of Australia and enjoy helping with motorcycle routes, distances, accommodation and places of interest. Ask us to help plan your trip. We'd be really pleased to help!

Please read the F.A.Q for details about depot locations and other important information.

Perth - Bikes and prices

Images for illustration markerImages are for illustration only and may not represent the exact item available. All prices are quoted per-day, in AU$ [Australian dollars] and include GST [tax].
BMW motorcycles
Fri - Mon More information
1 DAY 4-6
N/A N/A 170 135 130 115 100 5,050*
Bond: 2000
Excess: 4000
BMW F700 GS Includes hard side panniers, bash plate, crash protectors and hand guards.
N/A N/A 190 150 145 130 125 5,610*
Bond: 2500
Excess: 5000
BMW F800 GS Includes hard side panniers, bash plate, crash protectors and hand guards.
BMW R1200 GS - Water cooled model
N/A N/A 205 165 160 150 130 7,500*
Bond: 2500
Excess: 5000
BMW R1200 GSW Water cooled edition of the BMW R1200GS.Includes hard side panniers, bash plate, crash protectors and hand guards.
Harley Davidson motorcycles
Fri - Mon More information
1 DAY 4-6
Harley Davidson Heritage Softail
N/A N/A 200 190 185 170 145 N/A
Bond: 2500
Excess: 5000
Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Includes saddle bags
Please contact us regarding the rental of accessories and clothing. Helmets, jackets, gloves and other equipment can be arranged but we will need to know in advance.

Images for illustration markerImages are for illustration only and may not represent the exact item available. All prices are quoted per-day, in AU$ [Australian dollars] and include GST [tax].

Frequently asked questions - Perth

Q. What are the terms and conditions for renting a bike from Perth?
A. The specific terms and conditions for each bike can be seen by selecting the 'terms' link for the appropriate bike, or you can click here to view the relevant terms and conditions.

Q. Can I ride anywhere I like?
A. The majority of the bikes are permitted in most areas of Australia and are suited to venturing 'off the beaten track', so if you're planning an expedition or a route involving some gravel or dirt riding, then we've got you covered. Sensible exclusions apply of course so Harley Davidson bikes are only permitted on surfaced roads so make sure you plan accordingly. We would be happy to give you some advice on where to ride and what to expect, just ask us!

Q. Can I ride one-way between cities on these bikes?
A. One-way rides are no problem at all, more information about options and costs is below:

//One-Way Relocation Costs:

SYDNEY → No charge $220 $220 $495 $450 $495 $990
MELBOURNE → $220 No charge $350 $450 $295 $700 $740
BRISBANE → $220 $350 No charge $880 $495 $200 $800
PERTH → $495 $450 $880 No charge $695 $850 $750
ADELAIDE → $450 $295 $495 $695 $590 $995 $995
CAIRNS → $495 $700 $200 $850 $995 Contact us $1,500
DARWIN → $990 $740 $800 $750 $995 $1,500 No charge
Note: The one-way fees displayed here are for general guidance only and assume a booking made more than 3 months (90 days) in advance of your start date.
A representative from BikeRoundOz will confirm exact costs based on your individual plans before processing any bookings.

Use the options below to display one-way fees between your chosen locations.


Details and fee:
Sydney to SydneyNo charge
Sydney to Melbourne$220
Sydney to Brisbane$220
Sydney to Perth$495
Sydney to Adelaide$450
Sydney to Cairns$495
Sydney to Darwin$990
Melbourne to MelbourneNo charge
Melbourne to Sydney$220
Melbourne to Brisbane$350
Melbourne to Perth$450
Melbourne to Adelaide$295
Melbourne to Cairns$700
Melbourne to Darwin$740
Brisbane to BrisbaneNo charge
Brisbane to Sydney$220
Brisbane to Melbourne$350
Brisbane to Perth$880
Brisbane to Adelaide$495
Brisbane to Cairns$200
Brisbane to Darwin$800
Perth to PerthNo charge
Perth to Sydney$495
Perth to Melbourne$450
Perth to Brisbane$880
Perth to Adelaide$695
Perth to Cairns$850
Perth to Darwin$750
Adelaide to Adelaide$590
Adelaide to Sydney$450
Adelaide to Melbourne$295
Adelaide to Brisbane$495
Adelaide to Perth$695
Adelaide to Cairns$995
Adelaide to Darwin$995
Cairns to CairnsContact us
Cairns to Sydney$495
Cairns to Melbourne$700
Cairns to Brisbane$200
Cairns to Perth$850
Cairns to Adelaide$995
Cairns to Darwin$1,500
Darwin to DarwinNo charge
Darwin to Sydney$990
Darwin to Melbourne$750
Darwin to Brisbane$800
Darwin to Perth$750
Darwin to Adelaide$995
Darwin to Cairns$1,500
The information provided by this calculator is only intended as a guide and is based on bookings made 90 days more more in advance. If you have any questions or a special request you can contact us directly.
One way motorcycle rentals across Australia map

Q. What is the 'long term rental price'?
A. The price displayed above for 61-90 days is the total price you pay regardless of how long you choose to ride for [up to 90 days and unless otherwise specified]. This means it is fantastic value for longer trips and provides an added measure of flexibility, allowing for the inevitable changes inherent in longer term motorcycle travel. Bikes will be fully serviced with new or nearly new consumables so there's no reason not to take the chance on an adventure of a lifetime! Servicing and consumables required during the ride are at your expense.

Q. Where is the depot, what's the easiest way to get to it and can I collect from the airport?
A. The main depot is located approximately 25km east of the city and is most easily reach by train from the centre, a journey which costs around AU$ 6.00 each way. You'll be collected from the station and taken to the depot for the handover.

Q. Can I leave luggage at the depot during my trip and / or what if I need to ship it to another city?
A. You are welcome to leave your luggage at the depot during your trip and there is no charge. We'd be pleased to arrange shipping to another depot if you are finishing in another city. Charges are at our cost price.

Q. What are the depot opening hours?
A. Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Weekends are by appointment only.

Q. Can I rent a helmet and riding equipment?
A. Riding equipment and accessories can be arranged on a case by case basis. It's best if you contact us with your requirements before making a booking so we can make sure everything is organised for you in advance.

Q. What is the security bond and insurance excess?
A. The security bond is processed on your credit card and refunded upon safe return of the undamaged bike. The insurance excess is the most you would have to pay in the event of an accident. If the damage is only AU$100, for example, then that's all you pay but if the damage is AU$6,000 and the excess is AU$3,000 you would be liable for AU$3,000 and the insurance pays the remainder.

Q. What license do I need and what else should I bring when collecting the bike?
A. For large capacity bikes you will need a full bike licence written in English. If it is not in English you will need an International Drivers Permit. For small capacity bikes and scooters your home country license must allow you to ride the size of bike you are renting. You will also need your passport if from overseas and a VISA or Mastercard for the rental payment and security deposit. Don't forget to bring the booking confirmation with the address and telephone number of the depot so you can find it when you arrive!

Q. Can I rent a Sat-nav for my trip?
A. GPS / sat-nav units are available, the cost will depend on the length of your trip. Please ask us for more details. Numbers of units are limited and so please book these in advance.

Q. Are locks supplied?
A. Yes. A lock is supplied and should be used every time you leave the bike.

Q. Will my mobile phone work in Australia and will I be able to get a signal?
A. Check with your phone company to see if they can turn on roaming allowing you to use your phone in Australia. It may be cheaper to buy a SIM card for your phone here (mobile phone shops are everywhere and SIM cards start at about AU$20). Mobile phones obtain a signal in almost all towns and cities, but outside built up areas reception can be patchy. In most outback regions it can be many hundreds of kilometres between towns and there will most likely be no signal at all in these areas.

Q. What happens if I break down?
A. All vehicles have National Breakdown cover but in the event of mechanical breakdown or accident you should first report this to the emergency number issued to you by the depot. They will advise the best course of action or arrange someone to help. Do not undertake repairs without the prior agreement of the depot.

In the event of an accident (or theft), always report it to the police immediately. You MUST obtain a police report number and notify the depot. The depot will make every effort to provide repair facilities or a replacement motorcycle, but is not obliged to do so.

Q. Why is there a cleaning fee if the bike doesn't come back clean after riding on gravel roads?
A. Cleaning fees are strictly enforced if you are riding on gravel roads, here's why: Most places in Western Australia can be accessed via asphalt roads but there are some wonderful places to visit that require you to ride on gravel. Some people ride long distances on gravel roads and dust soon covers the bike, if this is left too long it literally stains the plastic and metal parts of the bike and can be impossible to get off. By cleaning the bike as soon as possible after riding roads like this it comes off relatively easily, so we ask that you help us keep the bikes in good condition by ensuring the bike is clean before you drop it off. If the depot has to clean the bike due to excess dust and dirt then the AU$200 cleaning fee is strictly enforced. We hope you understand that this policy helps to ensure that bikes are kept in good condition ready for your rental. Only specific bikes are permitted off surfaced routes, so it is important you contact us with your plans before booking a bike.